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Waffles, Chocolate, Frites and Business in Brussels

The last month has been a blur. An exciting, amazing, incredible blur – but a blur nonetheless. I’ve been living in Europe since January 12th and have loved every minute of my time here. Everything has been magical – from eating Belgian waffles on my walk to class in the morning, to visiting World War […]

GWSB Abroad Blogger Luncheon

On Friday, January 31st, GWSB Undergraduate Programs hosted a GWSB Abroad Blogger Luncheon for the Fall 2013 GWSB Abroad Bloggers. These bloggers wrote one or more posts while abroad which can be found under the GWSB Abroad heading. The bloggers that were able to attend are Michael Rieger, Adam Wolken, Abigail Howard, Laura Hoyos, and […]

Ian Woller Proves the Cliches of Studying Abroad Are True With Reason

Cliché study abroad sentence #1: If you told me the first day that I arrived in Spain the experiences I would have had up to this point, I wouldn’t have believe anything you said. I remember perfectly the day of travel that I endured to get to Pamplona, a small city in the heart of […]

Hello, Goodbye, and Peace – Shalom from Tel Aviv!

Shalom from Tel Aviv, Israel! My name is Dani Wolberger and this semester I am studying abroad at Tel Aviv University. While at home I concentrate in Business Economics & Public Policy, here I have decided to take a break from business courses and truly immerse myself in the culture by taking courses such as […]

Greg Lidrbauch Shares His First Week at Oxford

One of my goals with study abroad was to expand my learning in a way that I wouldn’t easily be able to do in the US or at GW. My first instinct was to study abroad in a country where I would be able to improve my Spanish skills and hopefully become fluent after studying […]

GWSB Signature Abroad Meet & Greet- Buenos Aires & Paris Programs

The Office for Study Abroad invites you to participate in our annual Study Abroad Week! We’re hosting a series of events from January 27th through January 31st  to promote study abroad opportunities. Learn more about GW study abroad programs, scholarships, the Focus on Fall Abroad Community, and more! Click here to look over the schedule! GWSB […]

Vienna: My New Home Away From Home

Three months ago, I was a ball of stress as study abroad loomed over my head. Moving to a country with a different language and culture becomes quite overwhelming the closer your study abroad date gets, but in the end my fears and reservations were overtaken by my sheer excitement. I have now happily lived […]

Study Abroad GWSB Paris or IBUS in Argentina in Fall 2014

Are you planning to apply to the GWSB Paris or IBUS in Argentina programs for Fall 2014? Students who are planning to apply to study in Fall 2014 with the GWSB Paris or IBUS in Argentina programs need to be sure their Spring 2014 classes will qualify them to apply. Applicants to the GWSB Paris […]

Business Professional in the City of Light Part II | Laura Hoyos

With four weeks left of my study abroad program in Paris, I have tried to tackle down every Parisian experience from both the eyes of a tourist and the eyes of a local. My “local” daily experiences include walking through the Luxembourg Gardens every morning to class, getting a nutella and banana crepe on the […]

Adventures in Milan Part II | With Lauren Wiegand

Before going abroad, thinking about Italy was like picturing a scene out of a movie. I would walk down beautiful streets lined with old buildings, eating amazing food, shopping at Italian stores, the works. While Milan definitely doesn’t disappoint in any way, I learned that it’s important to have a realistic view of the city […]

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